I received a comment on my blog recently from a woman who saw my Trip Around the World quilt on Pinterest and loved it. “I’m on Pinterest??” I thought. I do have an account but I’ve never pinned anything of mine (silly girl!) so the pin must have come genuinely from a random person who […]

My Attempt at Making Boy Bibs

All of the boy bibs in my first batch sold out quickly from my shop. (I had only made four. Doh!) Whenever I’d get another request for a bib it was always for a boy bib, of which I had none. Because making boy bibs stresses me out! Making anything for boys stresses me out! […]

Preschool Circle Time Mats

Last year I made Circle Time mats for the kids in our Preshool Co-Op group. They were very useful for keeping the students sitting in a specific place when it was teaching time. This year O and I are participating in Co-Op with the same kids, so they can reuse their mats! Yay! This year […]

AQS Show pickings

Grand Rapids was one of the four national locations for the AQS (American Quilter’s Society) Quilt Show and Contest this year. How exciting! Quilts from all around America, nee, the World, were featured at the show. Prior to attending the show I had imagined myself entering a quilt in the show. Gaining national recognition for […]

Riley Blake Polkadots

The blogosphere has loads of giveaways in it. Loads. Some people enter drawings left and right, in hopes of winning anything. But I’m a little more particular. I only enter drawings for things that I truly want. Why thicken the pot for someone else if I don’t really want what’s being offered? So you could […]


I think my friend Heather is one of my biggest sewing fans. Or well, one of my biggest clients. ha. When she learned about my Etsy shop she asked if I was in the business of making more than just bibs, as she needed new pillows in her living room. Of course I’d love to […]

April May’s Sampler: True Lover’s Knot

I’ve had so many other projects pop up that my Sampler blocks have been set aside for a few weeks. Thankfully, I did manage to finish this one up since I had already cut the pieces out. It’s called True Lover’s Knot according to Jinny Beyer’s book. It appears to be a derivation of Puss […]

Princess Olivia

My husband has been gone to “geek camp” the last few days so I’ve been working extra hard to keep the girls playing and active for nearly 12 hours a day, with no parenting break. Yesterday we made a fort in the girls’ room. We pretended to hide from the scary lions that wanted to […]


I have been inspired by my blog friend Stephanie, who was inspired by her friend Cindy to do a completely random blog post. I had told Stephanie that I loved her random post and how you can learn so much about a person from them. She agreed. So here is a little peek into my […]

Polkadotsparrow is on Etsy!

Honestly, now that I’ve opened my Etsy shop I’m not sure if I have time for it. I opened it Friday and it has taken me three days just to blog about it. Advertising FAIL! But I’ve been putting off trying to sell my wares for so long that I knew if I didn’t just […]