Union Jack Paper Pieced Block

I finally made the Union Jack block for my Sampler quilt. Thank you to each person who gave me input on fabric selection. There was an overwhelming response for this combination. Which I was about to cut into when I realized I forgot one crucial piece of information: the overall look of the quilt. And […]

Factory Cart Coffee Table with Storage

Last fall my husband was inspired by cool coffee table that famed do-it-yourselfer Ana White had made. Our old coffee table had fallen apart and we needed something sturdy, affordable, and attractive for our busy living room. This was just the piece: I also love the bright, colorful pillows, the nice couch (this was right […]

Goodbye, Dead Mouse Couch!

I got a new couch. My first ever, “bought it in a store with my own money” kind. Our old couch had served us well. It was a relic that had been brown in a previous life and then transformed into a blue and white striped beauty that I loved for several years. Then it […]

Vote! Union Jack fabric selection

I’m back to working on my Sampler quilt, and my latest block is going to a a paper-pieced version of the Union Jack flag. I knew this fabric wouldn’t work within the flag but want to use it to fill out the block underneath, since my “hole” in the quilt for the block is square […]

Isabel’s Trip Around the World Quilt

It’s finished! It’s really, really finished! And it only took two years! ha. It started with these plans and got pieced like this and then moved onto this and started growing like this. It was over a year ago that the top was pieced. And then the quilting totally got derailed. Bunches and puckers all […]

Double Wedding Ring: a Window Quilt

Last fall my mother-in-law and I went to Everlasting Bloom’s Vintage Flea Market. We were there mostly to shop for ourselves, but as I had recently drawn my sister’s name for our family Secret Santa, I was also on the lookout for the perfect gift for her. I had “previewed” the sale the day before […]

Anchor Birdie Sling

If nautical nonsense is something you wish, check out my Anchor Birdie Sling! Okay, so there’s really nothing nonsensical about this bag. Except maybe the fact that I gave it away. Trust me, that was really hard to do. I knew going into this thing that I was making something really cute that I would […]

Stitched in Color Contest: Show Me Your Emerald

Did you know that there is a “color of the year”? Last year it was turquoise. My favorite. This year it’s emerald. Nearly as awesome. Rachel at Stitched in Color is holding a contest for her readers to come up with a list of nine fabrics from the fatquartershop that portray emerald. This is my […]

Ghastlie Birdie Sling: A Halloween Purse

Well, it only took a year of watching my Alexander Henry Ghastlie fabric waste away in my drawer to finally decide how to put it to spooky good use. A purse! I originally wanted to make myself a fantastic circle skirt to wear every Halloween with a black taffeta petticoat, striped stockings and black witch […]

Button Box

One of my fondest sewing memories I have from childhood is of looking through my mother’s button box. I could spend enormous amounts of time sifting through all the different buttons, admiring different ones for their color or shape, daydreaming about what I could make with them. The button box I have today carries the […]