Fabric stash explosion

I usually only wash fabric when I’m about to use it for a project. But my stash has gotten to a size that makes it hard to determine which fabrics have been washed and which haven’t. So I broke down and washed all my new finds. Six loads. Probably about six hours to iron and […]

Sending my love to Tennessee

I have friends in family in Tennessee and when the Nashville area was devastated by monster flooding in May my heart was deeply saddened. I was mostly saddened by the minuscule attention that Nashville got compared to the earthquake in Haiti or Hurricane Katrina.  Nashville is a bastion for American music. It is one of […]

Lovin’ me some Appalachia

My mother-in-law recently returned from a trip to Tennessee to visit family and with her came this beautiful handwoven sewing basket she picked up in Berea, Kentucky (or, as the Teagues call it, “FUNtucky”). Isn’t it fabulous? And the wool pincushion, too? Berea is a center for Appalachian folk arts. It started with Berea College, […]

Olivia’s 1st Quilt

Nothing like beating a deadline! My goal was to give Olivia her “big girl bed” quilt on her 2nd birthday. And she doesn’t turn two for over 3 months! (Let’s forget the fact that I’ve been scheming about/working on this thing for over 2 years.) I realized today that this is my first real quilt. […]

Holy fabric stash, batman!

I am really blessed to have many quality fabric stores in Grand Rapids where I live. Like Smith-Owen. Or Fields Fabrics. But no one has the sales racks like East Lansing’s Country Stitches. Fabric at half price = I can buy even more fabric = everyone is happy. Their sale walls were only about half […]

Pincushion sweetness

In honor of my new blog I made myself a new pincushion. Sort of. It’s same pattern that I used for my previous cushion. But it’s only because it’s the cutest pincushion pattern out there! I searched around for a new pattern and ended up coming back to my Petal Stacks one. If it ain’t […]

Welcome to PolkadotSparrow!

I am a quilter. And a writer. And a photographer. It occurred to me one day that if I put all three of these things together, I would have a quilting blog. And I’d be having the time of my life, doing everything that I love in one setting. So here goes! PolkaDot Sparrow is […]