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I am located in West Michigan, though I originate from the The Thumb. (Yes, that’s an actual geographical term!)

  • I found your blog through QuiltHome and love it. But, I have to say finding the rainbow around the block really inspired me to get back to quilting (my weakest sewing area). Spreading the word to me and others will help the cause without costing a cent-great job! Had also forgotten about Olivia the pig and enjoyed the pics of your adorable Olivia. My 22yr. old dtr. is getting married and I will inherit my first grandchild who just turned 4 and has affectionately nicnamed me “Poo Poo” not quite the name I envisioned, oh well Live, Laugh, Love right. Thanks for the blog, Eve Berry

  • Love your blogs! I work with Anne and saw your website posted on her facebook page. Sounded interesting, thought I would check it out. What a pleasant surprise!

  • I wondered if you lived in MI after reading that you got some fabric at Field’s. Where do you live? I’m near Kalamazoo!

  • April, I saw your mom in law in Meijers today and she shared your blog name with me. I’m an old quilting buddy and my late husband was her patient for many years. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog . . . I’m also a flamingo nut – I even have a flamingo Christmas tree! I’m a quilter and have been working at it for 32 years. I remember that number because my son is 32 and I started when I was pregnant for him and bored. That was the last time I was bored! Your girls are even cuter than grandma claims. Keep writing and sewing. Julie

  • About time, and I want a copy

  • Just wondering what technique you used to make your trip around the world quilt??
    Found it on Pinterest. Just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  • Hi, I’m looking for the directions for Poinsettia Petal pincushion stacks.
    I have the magazine American patchwork issue December 2007 the page 118 is missing for putting it together.
    What part of the directions do you cut the scallops on the 6- pieces (2/7″- 2/5″-2/2 1/2″
    I have all the color photos of these sets on pages, #100, #101, #102. That’s where I’m stuck. If it’s just a matter of dividing the squares into scallops, I can do that, but really want the directions for my friend that I’m making this for, plus sending the complete directions along too.
    Thank you for any help for my request.

  • Where can I purchase the fabric with all things England, the double decker buses, crown, Buckingham palace etc. Would like to make a quilt for an English male friend and live the fabric. I live in Canada. Love your blog, found it when I was searching for fabrics depicting England.

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