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JB Made a Barn Quilt

The Hunt’s Crafty Christmas 2013 So… remember that one Christmas where I gave birth to a baby in the middle of a severe power outage with frigid temps and a broken sewing machine? When I managed to make Christmas gifts for my two daughters amidst all this? Well, I wasn’t the only crafty maven that […]

Factory Cart Coffee Table with Storage

Last fall my husband was inspired by cool coffee table that famed do-it-yourselfer Ana White had made. Our old coffee table had fallen apart and we needed something sturdy, affordable, and attractive for our busy living room. This was just the piece: I also love the bright, colorful pillows, the nice couch (this was right […]

Ribbed for Her Pleasure

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, my husband began to knit a scarf for me. Back when I had a brown raincoat. When the baby I carried around was named Olivia. When JB worked a job that he did not find fulfilling or busy enough, and thus was able to […]

On Knit Hats

I’ve never told you about the darling knit hat that JB’s Aunt Helen made for Isabel. I received it during my “blitzed out from lack of sleep” stage of postpartum. Man, those were some rough weeks! It was love at first sight for me and that hat. It was so soft and the sweetest shade […]

Crafty Skills that I Don’t Have

I have always admired those who could crochet. My Great-Grandma Minnie was a master crocheter. Growing up we had blankets she had made as well as potholders and who knows what else. When I had Olivia my Mom produced little hats and booties and a sweater that Grandma Minnie had made for me when I […]