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Gus: A Pig’s Tale

Most everyone who reads this blog already knows me, but for those of you who weren’t aware, I had a baby last Christmas. (The details of which are a separate story for another day.) His name is August but usually we just call him Gus. Or Gussy. Gustmas. Goose. I told my friend Heather that […]

Union Jack Paper Pieced Block

I finally made the Union Jack block for my Sampler quilt. Thank you to each person who gave me input on fabric selection. There was an overwhelming response for this combination. Which I was about to cut into when I realized I forgot one crucial piece of information: the overall look of the quilt. And […]

AQS Show pickings

Grand Rapids was one of the four national locations for the AQS (American Quilter’s Society) Quilt Show and Contest this year. How exciting! Quilts from all around America, nee, the World, were featured at the show. Prior to attending the show I had imagined myself entering a quilt in the show. Gaining national recognition for […]

Princess Olivia

My husband has been gone to “geek camp” the last few days so I’ve been working extra hard to keep the girls playing and active for nearly 12 hours a day, with no parenting break. Yesterday we made a fort in the girls’ room. We pretended to hide from the scary lions that wanted to […]


I have been inspired by my blog friend Stephanie, who was inspired by her friend Cindy to do a completely random blog post. I had told Stephanie that I loved her random post and how you can learn so much about a person from them. She agreed. So here is a little peek into my […]

Opening an old wound

There are several stages of mourning when a loved one dies. First, it’s their death. The visitation. The funeral. The going through of their clothes and jewelry, etc. Then dividing their possessions. Then cleaning out old drawers, etc. Finding old notes and evidences of their specialness. It been two years but I feel like the […]

Missing You

Oh, Polkadotsparrow, how I’ve missed you. I have what feels like so many blog posts to share. But alas, my computer has jammed up. I thought my feeble mind could reformat it but it turns out that my computer, which was created by my brother, is some sort of genius computer. So my attempt to […]

Reorganized Dining Room

So….my sewing room also doubles as our dining room. This is not a problem except when people come over to play board games or eat a meal with us or hang out. Then I have to make room for these people by putting away all of my sewing stuff. Oh, and also by putting away […]

In Like a Lion

Well March may have had considerably milder temps up here in Michigan than we’re used to, but this March was still “in like a lion,” for me. Life has been almost maniacally busy and stressful. There are too many things to name, but a few things are that: We are refinancing our house and it […]

Thumb Life

Well guys, there’s a reason I  haven’t been sewing as much and blogging as much about sewing. Can you guess??? Okay, yes, Children have interfered. Illness. The Holidays. Mouse Wars. Social Life. Working Nights and Weekends. But when I still find a few free moments here and there and those moments have been spent on […]