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Rainy Days and Mondays

On this dark stormy day in West Michigan I get to share with you the fate of my Rainy Days & Mondays quilt top. You may remember earlier this year when Sassy Packs featured my tutorial on making a 9-patch quilt. I made the topper and wrote the piece in the throes of my “sick […]

Stitching for Hope

It’s not often that I put on my fake pearls and step out on the town on a Friday night. But last night I simply had to. Afterall, it was for charity. Do I have to mention that it’s a quilting charity? Don’t judge me. You have your obsessions, too. So if you want to […]

Rainbow around the Block: Part II

Like my Mom and Granny, I like to find little meanings in things that I do. One of my first Rainbow Around the Blocks was a T square in orange and white, for the University of Tennessee Volunteers. This time I did two “tributes”: a “Brad Paisley” pinwheel block (I’m naming it this because it […]

Sending my love to Tennessee

I have friends in family in Tennessee and when the Nashville area was devastated by monster flooding in May my heart was deeply saddened. I was mostly saddened by the minuscule attention that Nashville got compared to the earthquake in Haiti or Hurricane Katrina.  Nashville is a bastion for American music. It is one of […]