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Double Wedding Ring: a Window Quilt

Last fall my mother-in-law and I went to Everlasting Bloom’s Vintage Flea Market. We were there mostly to shop for ourselves, but as I had recently drawn my sister’s name for our family Secret Santa, I was also on the lookout for the perfect gift for her. I had “previewed” the sale the day before […]


I have been inspired by my blog friend Stephanie, who was inspired by her friend Cindy to do a completely random blog post. I had told Stephanie that I loved her random post and how you can learn so much about a person from them. She agreed. So here is a little peek into my […]

Friendship Album vintage quilt top

Last Christmas my mother-in-law gave me this beautiful antique quilt top. Isn’t it lovely? I couldn’t really act so surprised when I opened the gift because I had been with her when she bought it last summer at the Allegan Antiques Fair. In fact, I was the one who first noticed the topper draped over […]

Sexy Hexi

I finally completely washed Hexi, my Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt. And, surprise–she’s white, not off-white! Huh. I tried to get a good before-and-after comparison but it’s not that striking. I’ll show what I have anyway. And of course, Hexi got a photo shoot to show off her clean, good-smelling look.        

How to Wash an Antique Quilt

As much as I love antiques and quilts, this Grandmother’s Flower Garden is my first antique quilt. I have a vintage topper that I bought a few years ago, but no completed quilts. Hexi, my new quilt, was quite dirty. in the past I’ve read about washing antique quilts. They say to lay them out […]

A Great Day for Antiquing

I went antiquing today! I looove antiquing, especially at the Allegan Antiques fair, held monthly through the warm months in Michigan. There are over 400 vendors and they aren’t afraid to wheel and deal. My mom-in-law and I always go together, and this time my friend Jessica came, too. (I have lots of friends named […]

Another Isabel quilt idea: Postage Stamp

There’s one quilt pattern that I’ve always admired and wanted to do myself. I never allowed myself to do it because I already have an antique quilt in this pattern and I thought I should branch out and try new things. But yesterday when I daydreamed about the right quilt pattern for Isabel’s quilt (see […]

Isabel’s Snowball Quilt

I have finally decided on a pattern for my new daughter’s twin bed quilt. It’s based on the Snowball quilt pictured right. My sister Melissa snagged two quilting books for me at a garage sale and in one of them I found my idea. I had already pored over my mother-in-law’s library and scads of […]

Sarah’s baby quilt. It’s precious!

Sometimes it’s really hard for me to be a sewing blogger because most of the things I make are gifts, and I don’t want to give away the surprise by writing about it! So even though I was absent for a long while, I was doing things. Albeit slowly. (I am still pregnant, afterall.) And […]

Dies ist gut

“I was looking for my whip!” said Granny as she pulled an imaginary one from the air. This was my grandmother’s immediate response when I asked her what Augusta (Krause) Grove was like. “She was an old German lady. She ruled everything!” Granny continued. I asked her specifically about Augusta after my mother showed me […]