JB Made a Barn Quilt

The Hunt’s Crafty Christmas 2013

So… remember that one Christmas where I gave birth to a baby in the middle of a severe power outage with frigid temps and a broken sewing machine? When I managed to make Christmas gifts for my two daughters amidst all this?

Well, I wasn’t the only crafty maven that year. My husband whipped up a few items in his workshop, too.



His big project was a barn quilt for his mother, who is responsible for my Fabric Addiction. (She taught me the term, “fabric stash” and I have been a dedicated student ever since.)

He chose a pattern from a website that featured a lot of barn quilt designs. Sadly, this artist’s shop is now closed, but you can still find some cool designs on his site.

He was torn between making a 4′ or 8′ square. His Dad, who is clever like JB, sent us photos of the side of their barn with mockups of the different sizes on it. Thankfully, the 8′ square would have been too large for the space, as it ended up being a big enough task at just 4′ size!



My part of the project was to draft the pattern on a grid for him. He then drew a 4×4 grid in pencil on his board and used painter’s tape to mark off sections for painting.

Here are his before and after shots of each color going on.

IMG_0759 compare


IMG_0772 split


This is a tedious project, as you don’t want any paint to bleed onto any of the other colors. JB did a lot of research and got some tips from friends, too. JB is very detail oriented, which was crucial to this piece maintaining its crisp lines.

IMG_0774 compare


IMG_0777 compare


I had suggested a sunny yellow border. He ended up going with navy. Good choice.

IMG_0779 compare


After it was shellacked several times it was ready to gift.

But how do you fit a 4′ square piece of wood under the Christmas tree? I had suggested that the boys secretly hang the block Christmas Eve so we could show it to her Christmas morning. JB pointed out the thigh deep snow, the frigid temps, and the fact that his mother would see it outside her bedroom or kitchen window before any presents were opened.

So we decided to sneak it into her basement and bring it up to her on Christmas morning.

JB crammed it into the back of his Chevy Equinox the Saturday before Christmas and I drove the 20+ miles to their house under the guise of dropping off plates for a Christmas party they were having that evening. JB’s brother and dad helped carry it to the basement, which I was thankful for, as I was 39 weeks pregnant. And their basement stairs are really steep.

A few hours later my mother-in-law hosted her Christmas party without a hitch. A few hours after that, an ice storm knocked out their power. For five days. (We lost power, too, but only for three days.)

Because of the power outage, we celebrated Christmas at our house.

While Marian’s present sat in the basement at her house.


Gift Presentation Score: ZERO!

(JB ended up showing her photos of it on his phone while I sat through labor contractions on the living room couch.)

A week ago my husband helped his dad to hang it on the barn and I think it looks splendid.





Well done, JB!

(Now make one for me!)

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