Tabitha the Tabbycat: A Katy Kitty

Back when I ordered fabric for O’s Katy Kitty, I also picked out some beautiful gold corduroy with the plan to make a kitty for my preschooler.

While my oldest daughter loves cats (and unicorns. and dogs), my middle child loves being a cat. So I just had to make her a playmate.


Tabitha Tabby cat is a beautiful gold tabby featuring all Anna Maria Horner fabrics. AMH (love those initials! ha.) is a Nashville fabric artist whose work I love. I started with her Raindrops Poppies print for Tabby’s body and just went from there finding fabric to coordinate. I didn’t have any sock fabric even after searching all my local stores. Then I found this great turquoise and orange print online. It was called “Stocking.” It was meant to be, right? Then I saw that of course, it was an Anna Maria print. Sold.


I even made her skirt out of my coveted Loulouthi print. (The pink polkadot is the only non-AMH fabric.) And I also used my even more coveted AMH ribbon for the hem. I love this ribbon! I wish I had oodles of dollars to buy all of these ribbons!!


Izzy found it humorous that she received both for her birthday Tabitha Tabby cat and a Beatrix Potter book featuring the cat Tabitha Twitchit. That wasn’t planned, but now we’ll always remember which year she got The Tale of Samuel Whiskers (a tale in which two rats attempt to eat a naughty kitten!).

I was quite annoyed at my sewing job on this one. I don’t think I backstitched enough around the arms because the day after she was gifted, Tabitha’s arm started coming off. So I had to hand stitch it back on. Oops!



The cat was a success. I like making these kitties. It takes me about 4 weeks to decide on all of my materials, as there are probably over a dozen different pieces to pick out for the ensemble. But once I determine the cat’s look I can usually power one out in a few hours.

And watching my daughter take her kitty around on her adventures is priceless.


Now that I’ve got the girls’ cats made, I want to make Mikey Monkey for my little boy.



It’s too much! Too much cuteness!

  • They are “adorable” (Uncle Tom’s new word). :-) I love all the detail you give about the fabric…something I never paid attention to when I was quilting. I just picked out fabrics I loved and didn’t think much about who created them.

  • oh my that monkey is adorable!! :)))