Stalled on the Sashing for My Quilt


I have sincere hopes to get my blog back in shape. I’ve been praying for certain things to fall into place and they have started to happen. Yay!

Here’s hoping that these life changes mean time for me to think my own thoughts, sew and write.

One reason that I haven’t been sewing is that I try to only allow myself to work on one quilt at a time. Currently that is my Sampler Quilt. Which I have been stuck on for the past six months. I am to the point where I need to have my sashing chosen before I make any more blocks.

And I have no idea what to use for sashing!

Ugh. I feel like I’m in some episode of the Twilight Zone where I get hopeful about finding sashing fabric and then waste an hour online not finding anything. Then I get sad. Then I get hopeful again and go online again or go to the fabric store again or daydream about possibilities again, get sad when I find nothing, and land right back at the beginning.

Please, someone, break me free from the insanity!!

Above you’ll see the blocks that I have finished so far. It’s my general color scheme: yellow, black, pink, blue, green, red.

Here is a mockup of what the quilt will be like. Minus the dozens of blocks I have yet to complete.

Sampler Bare Sashing


I think I want to use a solid. Perhaps one of Kaffe Fassett’s shot cottons–it has a little texture but isn’t too busy to be sashing.

I don’t want to do white. And I’ve tried off white and it just doesn’t pop. ???

You all gave great advice on my Union Jack block. You’ve showed that you have a sense of color and style. I trust you. Help me.

  • Your blocks look great! Maybe you need to wait until you have them all before you decide? I really like “in your face” when it comes to sampler quilts to help carry off the effect of such different blocks, so I might try deep pink, bright blue or yellow (picking those colours from the big floral block). I could be alone in that!

  • I think the blocks are sort of “stand alone” pieces…each one is so interesting. I agree with Catherine that you should wait to decide. I think it’s too early. When I look at the bottom right corner where you have an almost complete area, I like the white because it doesn’t take away from the blocks that are there. Your sash should do it’s job of holding the pieces together, but not steal the show…in my humble opinion. :-)

    Love, Aunt Rhonda

  • Have you considered an aqua color like in your union jack / the top-left square’s flowers / the bottom-left square’s light tone on the X’s?

    Or maybe a yellow complementary to the bits you already have here?

  • Your blocks are just beautiful. I agree that you need something fairly solid to not compete with the blocks. Even a batik that’s very subtle would be pretty. I wonder if a shot cotton might almost be too much texture…. Not sure.

    What color do you want the quilt to “read” when it’s done? Whatever you use for sashing is going to pull out that color in the blocks. You’d have a lot of choices, given your fabrics.

    Something like the brown I’m seeing in your blocks would be nice. It would give a lot of nice, dark contrast to some of the light colors. But it might be too dark for your taste. What about a read or that peachy pink I see in the upper left-hand corner? I think it really depends on what color you want to pull out the most.

    Hope you’re doing well! Any good flea markets coming up in Allegan sometimes soon?