In Like a Lion

Well March may have had considerably milder temps up here in Michigan than we’re used to, but this March was still “in like a lion,” for me.

Life has been almost maniacally busy and stressful. There are too many things to name, but a few things are that: We are refinancing our house and it was taking forEVer and taking a lot of my time chasing down paperwork. Our computer broke, leaving me blogless for two weeks. My iPhone broke and wasn’t covered under warranty. I barely got the phone in the first place because they’re so expensive–it was a birthday/replace-old-breaking-phone combo gift. And then I had to buy it again? Not. Cool. I was so stressed out about a dozen other things that I was constantly tired and therefore too exhausted to carry on normal tasks, which then added to the mountain.


I am not sure when/if life will return to “normal.” Hopefully soon.

So, in lieu of wordy blog fodder, here’s a little photo show for you of HAPPY events of March. :)


We checked out the Butterfly exhibit at Meijer Gardens. O loved searching for caterpillars on the plants.


Meijer Gardens has a beautiful orchid display, honoring Anne Frank, I believe.


Izzy went on her first swing ride and loved it from moment one. She's my adventurous girl!


Izza also got a little cuter last month. She does that every month. I'm waiting for my camera to break from the cuteness explosion.


O made a cute bird craft at MOPS. The sweet girl tried sharing the craft with her baby sister, who immediately ripped it up. O was so forlorn.


She was forlorn until we did our OWN bird craft together, adding a Daddy bird, a nest, and four eggs. On popsicle sticks. Problem solved.


And so you don't think I'm a complete craft slacker, I did manage to make these burp cloths for a friend having a baby in April. The gender is a mystery so this is my attempt at gender neutral. Ha!

  • Dear April,

    I’m sorry for all of your March stress and hope that YOUR month brings some peace.

    Olivia, some things just aren’t meant to be shared – no matter HOW cute your sister is. :-)

    I love the burp cloths. I had a dream two nights ago that I was 8 months pregnant. So, maybe you should get going on more burp cloths. HA! (I hope uncle Tom sees this.)

  • Uggg. Remember that I have two kiddos here that would LOVE a playdate (and thus give you a few hours of kid free rest). :o)

  • Sorry for the stressful month… My iPhone broke too and had to get a new one.. Got a new oven too. Expensive month at the o house too!

    Happy early bday to isabel!!! :)

    Hopefully we can see eachother soon and the kiddos can play :) xo

  • Sorry life has been so stressful and busy. I know the feeling (but for different reasons!). Really sorry about your iPhone. I love mine. I hope Apple takes care of you on that one. I have found that they usually do. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your burp cloths!

  • What fun getting caught up with your family, April! How the girls have grown! Enjoyed the photos and commentary as always.