Birthday Bib

One year ago I was enormously pregnant and waiting impatiently to get that baby out of my belly. My friend Erin was due around the same time, and if our girls both came on their due dates, they would be 10 days apart in age.

However, baby Lydia came early and Isabel wasn’t planning to come at all (if you ask me) so they ended up being five weeks apart in age.  Was I happy that Erin had her baby early? Yes. Was I quite jealous that I still had to wait? Double yes!

I made Lydia a bib and it became a quick favorite with Erin. We all love the shoulder coverage that this pattern provides and also that the bib ties, so a baby can’t pull it off. Erin asked me to make another one for Lydia’s birthday but with an applique’d number 1 on it. Lydia’s party was Hawaiian theme so I pulled out my tropical fabrics and Erin was immediately drawn to this green. Didn’t she pick well? It’s beautiful fabric and the large print was perfect for a project like this.

I unfortunately did not get any fantastic photos of the bib. I was in a hurry and trying to do it while O was away at school. Well, and I was a little distracted by cuteness…

How can you NOT photograph this face???

  • Great bib :) Isabel is a doll baby :)

  • That bib is adorable! I do love that green fabric. How clever of you to add that 1. And your baby is just absolutely adorable!

  • Love the bib. Lydia will look lovely at her birthday party tomorrow. Thanks again.

  • Beautiful, stunning, gorgeous – Isabel. (Oh, the bib is cute too.)

    I’m going to have to dig out the humorous “Permission to Date My Daughter” form for JB. Question #1 – In which part of the body would you least like to be shot? :-)

  • I wish we didn’t live so far apart : (
    It would be so much fun to get “our babies/grandbabies” together! Isabel is adorable!!!
    Can you direct me to that bib pattern…it’s so cute and looks like it covers so well!

  • your daughter is CUTENESS defined! Love the bib, too. so fun!

    your story made me laugh. i can relate. when i was prego with my second, my neighbor was also with child…her second, too. she was due a week or so later. she delivered a few days before me. i was sooooo discouraged. and a little jealous. but it all worked out in the end. :)