Loulouthi Wall Hangings

It’s getting harder to blog these days.

Not because I don’t want to. But because of the cost.

Blogging is extremely time consuming (as most of you fellow bloggers know!). Especially blogging about sewing.

It takes me 2-3 hours to create each post. This includes photographing my subject, uploading photos to my computer, choosing photos, editing them, uploading them to the blog, writing content, inserting photos, arranging photos, editing content, previewing, previewing, previewing.

And to be honest, if I can squeak 2-3 hours of free time out of my week I’d rather spend it sewing.

So to keep my blog alive I’m posting this week. But this time I’ll tell my story through photos and try not to edit, edit, edit too much.

So for six years our living room wall looked like this. For a majority of the time the wall wasn't even colorful. It was white. After six years JB and I devised a plan for what to hang above the couch. But it would take me about another six years of handquilting a map of Lake Huron and some islands to make it.

So impatience prevailed. And we ended up framing three Loulouthi prints. Bam! Instant better!


Now please note that a proper window in our living room would look like this (we have five windows in our living room!). Smartly trimmed and curtained.

So I was hesitant to show you my new decor because as you can see, the place still needs help. These windows have been missing trim and curtains for EVER. And since we painted the walls last year, the couch no longer matches. And the pillows, well, they've seen better days. The whole area needs a makeover but at least I'm starting with my wall hangings!

And just to throw in a little April honesty here, don't go thinking I have a June Cleaver life. Widen the shot and you get the truth: not only does my couch not match my walls anymore and my windows remain untrimmed, but my little dolly has been sitting there, incensed that I am not picking her up. Don't worry, she's since been rescued. ha.

If you dig this fabric like I do, check out Anna Maria Horner’s shop, the designer of these cool prints.


  • I think the wall hangings are a great idea, April. Truth be told, my wall is STILL bare above my couch (and 3 of my children have left for college – ha!). I may take on your idea to bring some color into my living room. I sure wish I lived closer…I’d LOVE to hold that baby and play with O while you sew AND blog. :-)

  • great post! love the last pic with little isabel!

  • Proud of you for letting go of the perfection and posting anyway. :o)

  • your wall hangings are gorgeous! I know all about the time consuming-ness of blogging. i’m struggling with it these days, too! good luck finding that balance. but i have to say (no pressure or anything!) but your blog is so wonderful to read. it’s one of my very favorites! your writing style is delightful!