Sexy Hexi

I finally completely washed Hexi, my Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt. And, surprise–she’s white, not off-white! Huh. I tried to get a good before-and-after comparison but it’s not that striking. I’ll show what I have anyway.

And of course, Hexi got a photo shoot to show off her clean, good-smelling look.

I have a thing for black and whites. And since this is an antique I thought it would go. But now I realize I should have shot in SEPIA tone. Oh well!

Okay, I couldn't resist. Pretend you're looking at a photo from the 1930's, friends.


Aunt Helen, a long time ago you said I should make cards with photos of my quilts on them. I haven't forgotten that. And I keep trying to take quilt photos worthy of a card. Thank you for the encouragement.


The Lego mansion and the uncovered pillows don't really add to the photo, but I wanted to show you Hexi in her new home, on our guest bed. It makes me happy every time I see her.



  • What a treasure! She came out beautiful and totally intact (whew!) and is a wonderful tribute to your Grandmother. Quilting really does run in your family.

  • Thanks Molly! While I’d love to have inherited a quilt like this, I bought this girl from an antiquer. The pattern is called Grandmother’s Flower Garden. :) Though I do wonder whose Grandma did make it & why it wasn’t kept in the family!

  • Wow! She turned out wonderfully! That would be interesting to find out who the maker was. Is there a tag on it. Cheers to you for breathing new life into such a beautiful quilt.

  • I’m so glad it wasn’t destroyed during the cleaning process. It is beautiful, April. And as for your quilt cards…what are you waiting for? I think most of the photos that you have taken of your quilts are beautiful and I would use them for cards. I’ll bet Aunt Helen will agree with me.

  • Oh how nice it turned out! Good for you!

  • It is absolutely gorgeous! And every photo needs a Lego mansion!

  • That’s a really great quilt! Congrats! I am behind on my blog reading. Did you buy it or is it from your family? I love the bed you put it on, too. Those Jenny Lind beds are great and just perfect for that style of quilt!

  • She’s a beauty!!! You did a great job cleaning her up. It looks so darn good on that bed. If I were you, I’d smile every time I walked past, too!