Izzy’s quilt strips in the heat of summer

It’s been too hot to blog. Whenever I run my computer it makes frantic “I’m overheating!” beeps. We’re in the middle of a heat wave here in Michigan and if you don’t have air conditioning and live in closely erected houses in the city, things get a little tricky. All day long Ron Burgundy has been telling me, “It’s so damn hot! Milk was a bad choice!”

So I wrote out my following post longhand and hope to type it out before my computer starts to cry.


People often ask how I find time to sew with two small children to care for and a house to run (and a lunatic dog, to boot).

How does a cokehead find time for his next fix? How does a shopaholic squeeze a trip to the mall into her schedule?

It’s called addiction, people. And it’s very real.

When I have a quilting project at hand, it is all that I can think about. My daydreams are filled with fabric, design, measurements, piecing. Whenever I sit down to put my feet up for a couple of minutes, I grab my quilt graph paper or a quilting magazine or surf the web, checking out fabrics. I wake up thinking about sewing, and I go to bed thinking of sewing. I really wished that I woke up thinking more about God and his attributes. If I reflected on him as much as I reflected on fabric I’d probably have enough ideas in my head to land an MDiv.

I digress.

So, despite having all these demands on my time (like cute little girls and a house to clean), I managed to piece fabric for 66 strips of 14 colors each for Izzy’s Trip Around the World quilt. That’s 924 pieces.

It took probably 10 hours and was nearly 180 linear feet of sewing. I used up an entire spool of thread just piecing this one section of the quilt. I’m thinking that this is about 1/3 of the blocks made.

I’m a big fan of the time-saving nature of strip piecing.

I made 4 huge panels of the 14 fabrics, 41" long.


Then I'll cut 2.5" strips from the panels to make a huge pile of these.


I just love this fabric!

I’ve ironed the fabric for the next piecing section, but it’s too hot to cut or sew. So….once this heat wave breaks (next week), I’ll hopefully be back at it.

  • Way to go, April! It’s looking great–Izzy must love it! :)
    I started a small quilt for baby boy and I’m lovin’ it so far. I got the fabric down in Nashville area—I think I forgot to tell you that I made it to the crazy fabric shop–whoa, overload! Plus, found another quilt shop in the same town.
    If you need a cool down this week, come on over. Our AC is working (even though it sounds like a jet is taking off outside and I still sleep on the couch every night because the upstairs is ridiculous).
    We’ll have to do a crafty night soon!

  • Come escape the heat over here ANYTIME!!! Seriously. We are always game for company, or you are welcome to bring your “travelable” projects here and work on them. I truly can’t imagine this heat without air right now and we’re happy to share.

  • PS Can’t wait to see the finished quilt. Loving it.

  • These panels alone are stunning! All that strip piecing…yikes! Do you have a 1/4″ foot with a guide by chance? I’m officially in love with mine. Using it is the one (and only) part of strip piecing that I love.