Kimberly Bag plans and Fabric

Ordering fabric from isn’t nearly as fun as ordering from Quilthome sends you fabric folded so beautifully and wrapped with such love you hate to unfold it to use it. You get a personal note. Even the receipt looks special! It feels more like receiving a present than getting an online order. just sends you haphazard piles of your fabric, complete with wrinkles, stuffed into a bag with a packing slip. You still get the fabric, but it just isn’t as exciting as ordering from Quilthome.

Unfortunately, Quilthome does not carry the Prom fabric that I need for my Kimberly bag. Neither did any of my local shops, which is where I always go first. So, armed with the $$ I earned on a pillow I made, I snagged fabric for a few projects I have floating around in my head.


First, I’m trying to stock on more basics for my stash. I am often drawn to wild, pretty prints but always come short when I need to find calm coordinates to go with them. I have plans for an On-point 9-patch throw with purple, gray, and maybe a little green. So I got some of Michael Miller’s dots in various colors and another of MM’s gray prints. (Again, couldn’t find them locally.)

I'm getting more into gray lately. I used to not like it.

But the most exciting project I have in the works is my Kimberly Bag. I finally got the Prom fabric! I have been wanting it for months (Beth inspired me with her bag). My goal is to finish it in time to use when I attend a friend’s wedding later this month. Can I do it? Only time will tell! I have almost all the supplies, so I just need to find 10-15 hours of free time. Outside of caring for 2 children, applying for jobs, fixing our poorly-functioning fridge, cleaning, doing laundry, taking dog to vet, exercising, etc. Shouldn’t be a problem, right? :)

These bags look so fantastic because they use loads of fusible interfacing. So it's not just a matter of sewing a front and back of the bag together. No. You spend at least half of your time ironing interfacing to every single piece of fabric. Annoying? Yes. Worth it? Yes squared.

(As of this post’s publication, I have already cut out the pattern and 2/3 of the fabric. I’m on my way…)