Rainy Days and Mondays

On this dark stormy day in West Michigan I get to share with you the fate of my Rainy Days & Mondays quilt top.

You may remember earlier this year when Sassy Packs featured my tutorial on making a 9-patch quilt. I made the topper and wrote the piece in the throes of my “sick pregnant lady” stage, so once the top was done it got put into a sewing drawer, to be quilted when I was well again.

But I changed my mind about that topper a few weeks ago.

Margaret’s Hope Chest was was doing a quilt drive. In just four short years of existence they had already given away 1,000 quilts to people in unfortunate circumstances. Now they were collecting both finished quilt tops and quilts in an effort to keep that steam engine rolling and bringing hope to even more people.

So I gave them my Rainy Days top.

And Carin breathed new life into it. I had no further idea for how to quilt it or bind it or back it, but Carin did. And it looks beautiful.

Check it out!

Now I’m a little obsessed with wanting to do it again. With wanting to make some crazy quilt top and then to give it to MHC to finish. It’s a win-win for everyone. They get to spread love and hope with another quilt, and I get to do my Art.

If you have any toppers laying around that you have lost motivation to finish, send them to MHC. They’ll take good care of them!

  • April, the quilt was beautiful…so bright and cheerful. What a perfect place to gift it! Can’t wait to see you Friday!!

  • Hi April!
    The quilt is beautiful and what a generous gift of your time and talent!
    I’m sure the person who receives it will feel loved in a special way.
    It was wonderful to see you this week and to meet adorable Isabel : )

  • i just blogged about a quilt top today that will be headed to MHC. i’m with you…it’s a great way to be able to make quilts and share with someone who needs them all at the same time. because we all know that my house doesn’t need another quilt hanging around. :)

    i loved the quilt top you donated. it’s fabulous!

  • Ohhhhh! April, it’s just fantastic! Don’t you love how much the quilting and binding add to an already-beautiful quilt top? How generous of you to donate such a wonderful quilt!

  • Really beautiful quilt April! Hope you guys have a great Memorial Day weekend :) Hopefully our babies will meet some time :) Would be awesome to live closer :)