Beginnings of my first Pillow Cover

Earlier this year I made a quilt for a special little girl named Tatiana.

When I mailed the quilt I didn’t expect too much of a reaction from Tania. Afterall, she didn’t speak English and is only 3 1/2 years old. And she had just been hauled thousands of miles from an orphanage in Europe over to this crazy place called America. And was living with these strangers who kept referring to themselves as Mommy and Daddy.

Considering that she kind of had a lot of other things on her mind, I didn’t think that my quilt would make much of an impression on her at first.

But according to her Mama, that girl loves her blanket. You know what her favorite part was at first?

The label.

She was thrilled to see her name on it. Her mom Heather told me that Tania had her read the label to her over and over again. “For Tatiana. Welcome Home…”

If I had known how much that meant to her I could have just written her name all over a piece of white fabric and called it a quilt. haha.

Tania’s birthday is coming up and Heather asked me about making another colorful pretty thing for Tania. The cost of making a full bed-sized quilt was quite astronomical, so Heather asked if I could make a pillow instead.

What a great idea! I’ve been wanting to try making pillows for a while now but didn’t have the right inspiration or excuse to make one until now.

I used two of her favorite prints from her quilt but then added a bunch of new fabrics–mainly blue, since she really likes blue and there wasn’t any of that in her quilt.

The top has been pieced so now I need to sit down and do the quilting and then to make the actual pillow cover. Yesterday I was able to sew a little while JB took Olivia to the hardware store with him. (She’s very into tools and thought that maybe we’d buy her some of her own tools at the store. Cute girl.) It was sooo enjoyable to sew in silence!! I forget how much easier life is without a toddler around. But it’s also not as exciting.

Hmmm…which is better: peace of mind or excitement? :)

I started out with a bunch of HST's: half square triangles. They're useful for making various quilt blocks and borders.

I originally intended to make 16 small pinwheels (4 in each color scheme).

And then I changed my mind and decided to make 4 large squares in the Colorado Block design (aka Windmills). The pinwheels still exist in the center of each block.



I took a break from sewing to investigate my gardens. Not much is blooming yet, but my peonies are working on it. They're one of my favorite flowers.