April Pattern Pact project: embroidery

I'm using Cashel's Lavender Mist linen. I'm jumping out of my comfort zone with this color choice. I usually go for green or blue, but felt I needed a contrast color since many of my walls are green or blue.

When I delivered Olivia I had a terrible hospital stay (long, unoriginal story). But now I’m sort of looking forward to my two days at Spectrum Butterworth.

That hospital stay will be the last time I am completely alone and duty free for the next several years. No toddler. No dog. No bills to pay or house to clean or laundry to fold.


But as a recovering workaholic I can’t just let myself sit and twiddle my thumbs while I’m there. I need a project.

So I’ve chosen an easy embroidery project for my April Pattern Pact. It’s from Alicia Paulson’s book Embroidery Companion. I don’t remember how I stumbled across this book, but now I own it and need to stop daydreaming about the projects and actually do one.  I’ve always loved hand stitchery and this book may be the help I need to delve more deeply into this world.

In keeping my New Year’s resolution to sew for ME, I am making myself this small sampler. I have dreams of hanging it in my office/sewing room one day. Since I was a child I’ve always craved my own space for just me. That’s not feasible at this time in my life so for now I keep myself happy with the dream room in my mind. When I saw Alicia’s sampler in her book I added that chair to my dream, too (a pillow like that was already there).

Back to my hospital stay:

I have this admittedly insane notion of working on this project while I’m there.

Moms out there, is this an average-insane idea, or more a “you should burn your pattern & DMC floss right now and forget the thought ever crossed your mind” kind of insane?

Either way I’m still gonna try it.

Afterall, I ain’t Crazyladypantyhose for nothing!

  • You are crazy…but a project on hand is always a good idea. Even if you only finish a small part of the design, it’s worth it. The memory of where you were when you began the project will make it even more special.

    For what it’s worth,
    Aunt Rhonda

    • Thanks Aunt Rhonda! That’s what I figured–even if I only get five or six stitches in, it’ll still be fun. :)

  • I agree, DO IT! I didn’t complete my March pact in time, so I have extra reason to get April done!

  • Hi April,
    I love the beautiful pattern you selected! I’ve worked on linen in the past, and absolutely love working on it and how it looks when it’s completed. The pattern done all in black in wonderful!
    I’m not sure if you’ll be able to do much in the hospital…I’m thinking you’ll be very enchanted and focused on your beautiful new daughter…but like Rhonda says, you’ll always connect the beginning of this project with such a very special time.
    Can’t wait to hear the news of your baby girl’s arrival!!! Did you know your mother-in-law and I have a great-grandmother Isabelle? (I think you and J.B. may be spelling it differently.) She was Isabelle Crawford Magee, an amazing woman…Canadian pioneer, and mother of 13. Our mother’s mother was her youngest. She was one of the first settlers in the Vancouver, BC area. I’ll send you a copy of her picture : )
    Aunt Helen

    • Super neat, Aunt Helen! I did not know about great grandma Isabella. Now it’s even more special to us! And I’d love a pic. :)

  • Oops…just checked to make sure about whether she was Isabelle or Isabella, and she was Isabella, but still close and a very interesting ancestor : )

  • The project will be gorgeous, even though you might not get that much of it done. Anxious for news about your new little girl. What a blessing!!!