Another Isabel quilt idea: Postage Stamp

Isn't she a beauty? I nabbed this circa 1950 (my guess) beauty for $40 at the Allegan Antiques fair. One day I will quilt it. And put it on my bed. And admire forever.

There’s one quilt pattern that I’ve always admired and wanted to do myself. I never allowed myself to do it because I already have an antique quilt in this pattern and I thought I should branch out and try new things.

Think of all the time it took to plan the exact placement of all these fabrics. A skillful eye did this one, indeed.

But yesterday when I daydreamed about the right quilt pattern for Isabel’s quilt (see previous posts), I kept coming back to this one pattern: Trip Around the World, or Postage Stamp. Then last night as I was flipping through my favorite quilt block book my husband glanced over and saw the design as I was turning a page and said, “I like that one.”

I am taking that as a sign. As long as I can plan the fabric layout properly. This pattern can either be stunning or a disaster, depending on your fabric selection skill.

This framed antique topper and is one of my favorite things to see at my in-laws' house. Which is saying a lot since my mother-in-law has a LOT of cool things at her place. (Aunt Rhonda, recognize the quilt on the right-hand wall?)

I would have never put these fabrics all together but as you can see in the finished product, it works.

  • Love this pattern too April! It’s always been a favorite of mine.
    Maybe you can save the beautiful Snowball pattern for another time…love it too!

  • Oh what fun it is too look and plan! What a pretty quilt to share with us.

  • April,

    I love looking at that postage stamp quilt too…and yes, I recognize the other. (Does this mean I’m famous now since I made it on your blog?) I like this fame much better than crying over Justin Bieber.

    Can’t wait to see the finished product, whichever pattern you choose in the end.

    I need to take pictures of the quilt top my mom just finished for me. Will I ever quilt it?

    Aunt Rhonda