Retro Sewing

Every year my Aunt Carol hosts a massive garage sale during her neighborhood’s Block Sales. For the last several years she has given all the proceeds to her Breast Cancer fundraiser. She has made over $700 in each of her last three sales, with one sale garnering over $900! Her mom, sisters, daughters, in-laws, and anyone else who cares to, donate items for the cause. It is one of the best garage sales around because there is a lot of nice things. Not holy or stained clothes or broken trinkets. She sells name brand clothes from children’s to adults of all sizes, etc. I’ve been to a LOT of garage sales in my lifetime, and hers is top shelf.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Fraser garage sale without the donors shopping the sale themselves. Seriously. My mom had a mantra when I was there two years ago, “No nick-nackery or pack rattery!” She had to repeat this to herself so that she would not buy any unnecessary items. (It’s hard to pass up good prices!)

After the sale this year my mom called to tell me that she got me an old Singer sewing book (1972) that had belonged to Granny’s best friend Pat. (Granny and Pat have been bff’s since high school. Over 60 years ago! But I’m just as cool as her because I have my own bff’s from high school and we’re gonna grow old together, too!)

This book is the bomb. It’s got all the tricks and tactics for sewing in it. Complete with retro-mod 1970’s photos. Oh yeah! Want to upholster your own flower power couch? Turn to page 402. Wanna learn about color theory? 339. Fitting patterns to your figure, making buttonholes, doing applique, different styles of decorative hand stitching? It’s all there.

It’s my latest treasure. And no, you can’t borrow it. It’s an antique. 😉