JB Made a Barn Quilt

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The Hunt’s Crafty Christmas 2013 So… remember that one Christmas where I gave birth to a baby in the middle of a severe power outage with frigid temps and a broken sewing machine? When I managed to make Christmas gifts for my two daughters amidst all this? Well, I wasn’t the only crafty maven that… Continue reading

Gus: A Pig’s Tale

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Most everyone who reads this blog already knows me, but for those of you who weren’t aware, I had a baby last Christmas. (The details of which are a separate story for another day.) His name is August but usually we just call him Gus. Or Gussy. Gustmas. Goose. I told my friend Heather that… Continue reading

Factory Cart Coffee Table with Storage

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Last fall my husband was inspired by cool coffee table that famed do-it-yourselfer Ana White had made. Our old coffee table had fallen apart and we needed something sturdy, affordable, and attractive for our busy living room. This was just the piece: I also love the bright, colorful pillows, the nice couch (this was right… Continue reading