JB Made a Barn Quilt

The Hunt’s Crafty Christmas 2013 So… remember that one Christmas where I gave birth to a baby in the middle of a severe power outage with frigid temps and a broken sewing machine? When I managed to make Christmas gifts for my two daughters amidst all this? Well, I wasn’t the only crafty maven that […]


Tabitha the Tabbycat: A Katy Kitty

Back when I ordered fabric for O’s Katy Kitty, I also picked out some beautiful gold corduroy with the plan to make a kitty for my preschooler. While my oldest daughter loves cats (and unicorns. and dogs), my middle child loves being a cat. So I just had to make her a playmate. Tabitha Tabby […]


Camera Star Block for Sampler Quilt

I have a love-hate relationship with paper piecing. I love how it turns out. I love much of the process of piecing these blocks. I hate the fabric waste. The inevitable seam ripping, as I realize that I didn’t cut a large enough piece of fabric for a specific section. This star pattern first came […]


Typewriter Star for Sampler Quilt

It’s been over a year since I worked on my Sampler Quilt. The last block update was in April 2013! Woah! It feels good to be working on it again. Last year I bought some great typewriter fabric from Crimson Tate in Indianapolis, on our way to my husband’s cousin’s wedding in Tennessee. My husband […]

Madly Sewing a Katy Kitty Doll Right Until I Went Into Labor

Having a Baby Must Not Interfere With Sewing Last year I found this brilliant Katy Kitty pattern by Larissa Holland of mmmcrafts. I had originally planned to make her Little Red doll for Olivia’s birthday, but when JB said how cool the cat looked, I changed gears. I named her Henrietta Pussycat (a nod to […]


Gus: A Pig’s Tale

Most everyone who reads this blog already knows me, but for those of you who weren’t aware, I had a baby last Christmas. (The details of which are a separate story for another day.) His name is August but usually we just call him Gus. Or Gussy. Gustmas. Goose. I told my friend Heather that […]

Stalled on the Sashing for My Quilt

I have sincere hopes to get my blog back in shape. I’ve been praying for certain things to fall into place and they have started to happen. Yay! Here’s hoping that these life changes mean time for me to think my own thoughts, sew and write. One reason that I haven’t been sewing is that […]

Union Jack Paper Pieced Block

I finally made the Union Jack block for my Sampler quilt. Thank you to each person who gave me input on fabric selection. There was an overwhelming response for this combination. Which I was about to cut into when I realized I forgot one crucial piece of information: the overall look of the quilt. And […]

Factory Cart Coffee Table with Storage

Last fall my husband was inspired by cool coffee table that famed do-it-yourselfer Ana White had made. Our old coffee table had fallen apart and we needed something sturdy, affordable, and attractive for our busy living room. This was just the piece: I also love the bright, colorful pillows, the nice couch (this was right […]

Goodbye, Dead Mouse Couch!

I got a new couch. My first ever, “bought it in a store with my own money” kind. Our old couch had served us well. It was a relic that had been brown in a previous life and then transformed into a blue and white striped beauty that I loved for several years. Then it […]